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It is paramount that all workplaces operating during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic ensure they are protecting their workforce and any visitors to their workplace. All workplaces need to comply with the Government, HSE and HSA COVID-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers.

At Ardlee Consulting we can work with your organisation to help fulfil your requirements under the protocol.

Ardlee Consulting offer a COVID-19 Resource Pack which contains the following:

  • Office/Site Visit & Report (If required)
  • Sample Induction Programme
  • Training Template/ Information for Lead Worker/Compliance Officer
  • COVID-19 Action Plan
  • Self-Declaration Form
  • Sample Return to Work Procedure
  • Dealing with Cases Procedure
  • Cleaning After Cases Procedure
  • COVID Compliance Checklist
  • Temperature Check Form
  • Sample COVID-19 Toolbox Talks
  • Various Checklists
  • Guidance Documents
  • Useful Contacts
  • Sample Signage Template